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Danceology Classes

Learning a variety of dance styles allows for versatility in how your body can translate movement and choreography. When you have a wider vocabulary to work from, your ability to comprehend and take ownership over your learning (be is dance or otherwise) enhances. All techniques serve each other.


Each dance style has its own vocabulary with its own unique nuances. In Jazz and Hip Hop, there is an emphasis on the isolation of different body parts, the groundedness of the body's weight, and on a rhythmic physicality. The focus on community is also an essential foundation of Hip Hop; in group environments, there is an element of call and response requiring intuitiveness and creative thinking. There is an emphasis on the body's relationship to space and to self and others in the many different techniques within Modern dance.

Creative Movement

Creative Movement allows 2 year olds to explore the magical world of dance through fun songs, seasonal activities, and the use of props.  The 30 minute classes enhance listening and socialization skills, sequencing , the ability to follow instructions, spatial awareness, basic motor skills and musicality


Ballet Classes

Ballet classes are progressive and teach technique, body alignment, terminology and musicality which can be used universally with all genres of dance.

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Jazz Classes

Jazz is an upbeat class incorporating contemporary and traditional jazz dance styles to current popular music.  Classes include isolations, stretches, footwork, and are designed to increase body control and coordination.


Hip Hop Classes

Hip Hop is another upbeat class incorporating contemporary and traditional hip hop styles to current popular music.  Classes include isolations, footwork, and are designed to increase strength, style, body control and coordination.

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Kinderdance is designed to help 3 & 4 year olds transition from the 30-minute Creative Movement class format to a 45-minute pre-ballet and tap combination class.  Fun songs and the introduction of dance terminology is used to further enhance the students learning experience and dance foundation.

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Tap Classes

Tap classes explore different rhythmic patterns, combinations, clarity of sounds and tap styles.  Warm-ups, barre work, across the floor combinations & standard steps are included.


Pointe Classes

Pointe is an extension of ballet. It requires solid, consistent, and current ballet training coupled with strength in the legs and the core of the dancer's body.  This class is subject to pre-requisites and approval by the instructor for enrollment.


Lyrical Classes

Lyrical incorporates ballet, modern, & jazz styles that use a wide range of music styles.  This class uses and strengthens core skills but also gives an opportunity for open musical expression and improvisation. 

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