Important Information

Dance should be and IS fun, but dance is also a commitment. Parents and potential dancers please review the information on this page before signing up for classes at the studio.

Quick Guide


Offering classes in:

  •    Creative Movement

  •     Kinderdance

  •     Ballet

  •     Tap

  •     Jazz

  •     Pointe

  •     Hip Hop

  •     Contemporary

  •     Adult Jazz

Enrolling Ages:

2 years - Adult

After School Pick-up

Limited After-school

& Daycare Pick up

(Available for Live Oak location only)

Studio Hours


Mondays = 2pm - 7:00pm

Tuesdays = 2pm - 7pm

Wednesdays = 2pm - 7pm

Thursdays = 2pm - 7pm

Fridays = CLOSED



We are currently closed for the summer. Will reopen September 9th.

General Information & Studio Rules


  • Two years old: Creative Movement(30 min class)

  • 3 & 4 years old: Kinderdance (45-min class includes ballet & pre-tap)

  • Kindergarten & 1st grade: Ballet-Tap comb (One hour)

  • 2nd grade - 12th grade: 1⁄2 hour Ballet, ½  hour Tap, & ½ hour Jazz

  • 3rd grade - 12th grade: ½ hour Hip Hop

  • 6th grade - 12th grade: ½ hour Min Contemporary, &  ½ hour Pointe (by invitation only)

  • Adult: 45-minute Jazz

*Mandatory for Students 2nd grade & up to enroll for a combination of TWO styles*

*Creative Movement, Hip Hop, Contemporary, & Adult Jazz are only available at the Live Oak location*

MONTHLY CLASS COST: Monthly fees are based upon approximately 30+ weeks of classes, and payment of full tuition monthly is expected, regardless of possible shorter months such as December & February.  Prices for classes are as follows:

  • Creative Movement = $25 a month

  • Kinderdance & Adult Jazz = $40 a month.

  • Kindergarten & 1st grade Ballet/Tap combo = $50 a month

  • 2nd grade - 12th grade = Individual 1⁄2 HOUR CLASSES

    • Mandatory 2 classes = $50 per month for both

    • Classes 3-5 = $20 each, per month, per class

    • 6th class = free

    • Classes 7 - 9 = $18 each per month

    • 10th class = free

  • If classes are paid in full for the year at registration, dancer(s) receives a free month of lessons.

  •  Tuition for the next month is due by the 15th of the previous month.   

RECITAL COSTUME FEES: Each dancer purchases costumes for our annual end-of-year recital.  Your fee covers one costume per enrolled class (Kinderdance uses two outfits), new tights, accessories/props, a recital-themed t-shirt, a quarter-page ad in the recital program & a trophy.  This fee is bundled with your monthly class tuition.  You can pay the entire fee at registration, but there is no discount for this advance payment.  Recital costume fees are listed below, showing the monthly amount and total for the year.  There is a separate list for Female & Male students. 



                             Monthly    For Year

Creative Mvmt     $10        $90    

Adult Jazz             $8          $72

Kinderdance        $23        $203

K-1st Combo        $23        $203        

2nd - 12th Grade

2 Classes             $26        $228

3 Classes             $32        $282

4 Classes             $37        $327

5 Classes             $43        $381    

6 Classes             $49        $435

7 Classes             $54         $480

8 Classes             $60        $534    

9 Classes             $65         $580    

10 Classes           $71          $633

11+ Classes       Figured as needed


                             Monthly    For Year

Creative Mvmt     $10        $90    

Kinderdance        $14        $120

K-1st Combo        $14        $120        

2nd - 12th Grade

2 Classes             $14        $120

3 Classes             $19        $165

4 Classes             $22        $192

5 Classes             $25        $219    

6 Classes             $29        $255

7 Classes             $32        $282

8 Classes             $35        $309    

9 Classes             $39        $345    

10 Classes           $42        $375

11+ Classes       Figured as needed

PERFORMANCE UNIFORM: All dancers will purchase a new uniform for use at all public performances (excluding recital), and the cost is included with monthly tuition.  Uniforms will be sized in October 2021 and distributed in November 2021.

DRESS CODE FOR CLASS & SHOES: For our weekly classes, we do not have a “uniform” but we ask that dancers dress like dancers. 



    • For Kinderdance, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Pointe: dancers need to wear proper dance attire: leotards with tights, sports bra/crop top with leggings or jazz shorts. Items can be purchased online, consignment at the studio, or stores like Academy Sports, Target, etc.

    • T-shirts are allowed but must not be oversized!

    • Hoodies & Jackets are not allowed during class! If your child is cold-natured, consider purchasing long-sleeved leotards or have them wear long-sleeved shirts.

    • Tights (or Stockings) are mandatory with leotards, leotards w/ skirts, dance dresses, or jazz/biker shorts.  Tights are not required with Capri length or ankle-length leggings.  TIGHTS ARE NOT LEGGINGS, NO MATTER HOW OPAQUE THEY SEEM!!!! 

    • Panties should not be worn with dance attire, especially when wearing tights. Dance tights are like special “dance panties”. The “no panty” rule is enforced with recital costumes, exceptions only to those with medical reasons.

    • HAIR must be pulled up SECURELY into a ponytail, braid, or bun for class each week!. Re-doing hairstyles during class will not be tolerated!

  • DRESS CODE FOR OUR BOYS: For class, boys may wear any t-shirt with soccer-length shorts(preferably with boxer briefs worn underneath)- sweatpants or warm-up pants, and SOCKS. Denim and Linen pants/shorts are not allowed for classes.

K3 - 5th Grade:

  • {Ballet} Pink Ballet Shoes ($15)

  • {Tap} Tan Student Tap Shoes ($18)

  • {Jazz} Black Lyrical Shoes ($25)

  • {Hip Hop} Black/White sneaker ($45)


6th - 9th:

  • {Ballet} Adv Beige Ballet ($24)

  • {Tap} Tan Intermediate Tap Shoes ($40)

  • {Jazz} Black Jazz Boot Shoes ($25)

  • {Hip Hop} Black/White sneaker ($45)

10th - 12th:

  • {Ballet} Adv Beige Ballet ($24)

  • {Tap} Tan Adv Tap Shoes ($60)

  • {Jazz} Black Jazz Boot Shoes ($25)

  • {Hip Hop} Black/White sneaker ($45)



  • {Ballet} Black Ballet Shoes ($15)

  • {Tap} Black Tap Boots ($40)

  • {Jazz} Black Jazz Boot Shoes ($25)

  • {Hip Hop} Black/White sneaker ($45)


**Pointe shoes will no longer be available through our studio.**

  • We stock all styles that are used and sell at a competitive price to outside vendors. 

  • We also sell consigned shoes, but availability can be extremely limited at different times of the year.

  • Dancers are greatly encouraged to have a bag that is SPECIFICALLY for their dance shoes. Swapping shoes between bags lead to losing them as does when they tote them in their school backpacks! Grocery bags are convenient but are not the most dependable!

  • We try to keep various Danceology bags available for purchase.  


REGISTRATION FEES: There is a one-time annual fee paid at registration of $20 per dancer.

Memory Book Ads: As stated earlier, every dancer/family has a ¼ page ad bundled into their costume fees. Our memory book has a dance photo of your dancer(s) along with a special message or business card.  More ads can be purchased later for more photos in the book.  Each dancer/family receives 1 free book at recital and more can be purchased ($10) at our performances

STUDIO APPAREL: We LOVE for our dancers to have Danceology gear!

  • Basic studio tee, short sleeve: Black with our studio logo on the front - $12. 

  • Bulldog green “Danceology loves the Dogs” -  $15.

  • “Learn, Live, Love” Tank top - $15

  • Basic studio tee, long sleeve: Black with our studio logo on the front.  Adult sizes only.   - $15.

  • Basic studio Hoodie: Black with our studio logo on the front.  Cost $25.  SPECIAL ORDER ONLY!

  • Danceology Sweatpants: Black w/ studio name on leg.  Cost: $20.  SPECIAL ORDER ONLY!

SCHOOL BREAKS:  In our 30+ week dance year,  Thanksgiving Break, Christmas/Winter Break, or Spring Break are not included.  Our studio follows the Suwannee & Hamilton County School calendars and will be closed during those week-long breaks.  The random Holidays, Teacher Work Days, & “Professional Development” days listed on the calendar...we typically have class as usual.